Baby, you can drive my glorified golf cart

Slater buys a new car, and it is, as they say in Grease, a “real pussy wagon.” Or, since this is SBTB, it’s “a real chaste-kissing-on-the-cheek wagon.” But that doesn’t stop Slater from making orgasmic noises, much to the dismay of everyone involved. Nor does it stop Zack from flying into another jealous rage, of which the poor driver’s ed golf cart is a casualty. Read the rest of this entry »

Mona lala: Hawaiian for “that would never actually happen in real life”

Slater with grenadeWelcome to Bayside, a world where red ribbons are given out for third place, people can hang out completely unnoticed in filing cabinets, “live” grenades are set off in homes and public restaurants, and the entire U.S. Army is controlled by A.C. Slater. Read the rest of this entry »