How to lose a job in two days

Zack meets StaceyAfter the gang displays their collective ineptitude at being responsible members of the workforce (by being impertinent, lazy and using company resources for their personal needs), they’re rightfully fired. Unfortunately, Stacey Carosi, in a very un-Stacey-Carosi-like move, saves their sorry asses. Anyone else think the Malibu Sands Beach Club would be much better if it were run by Donald Trump? Read the rest of this entry »

College girls are easy

Zack and DanielleZack meets a desperate 35-year-old “college student” at the Max, and she takes him and the guys to the club where all the desperate 35-year-old “college students” hang out. And what do you know? They run into The Sketchinator, cheating on Kelly! What are the odds? Of course, Zack fails to consider the fact that his mom is also part of the over-35 set, and therefore the odds that they’re going to get busted are quite good as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Break me up before you go-go

Slater dancing balletWhen Zack and Slater fail to see eye to eye with their women about the merits of the ballet and Kelly’s right to have a sugar daddy, it’s trouble in paradise. The guys kick it solo for a while (which seems to suit Slater just fine), until they realize this means spending some quality time with Richie “No Life” Belding. So Zack and Slater hastily get their girls back, by apologizing and acting like a flaming homosexual, respectively. Read the rest of this entry »