What is the SBTBP/AS?

The Saved by the Bell Preservation/Appreciation Society was formed way back in the late ’90s when its founders (Clare, Bri, and their friend April) were still in high school. In those days, the SBTBP/AS pretty much served no purpose other than repeated and excessively dramatic reenactments of the scene where Jessie OD’s on caffeine pills. (I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…so…scared!!!) Oh, and also we dressed up as characters from Saved by the Bell one Halloween. (April was Kelly, Bri was Jessie and Clare was Lisa.) And when she graduated, Clare gave Bri and April nail polish in the color “Sangria” in honor of Muffin Sangria. But that was about it.

Until now. Clare and Bri have decided to bring new life to the long-dormant SBTBP/AS and actually give it a purpose, which is this blog. Upon discovering the joys of getting up early to start our day with reruns of Saved by the Bell on TBS, we have decided to share this joy with our fellow SBTB fans. Here we will post our recaps and reviews of the episodes that aired that day or the day before so that everyone can relive this show in all its campy, low-budget glory without actually having to get up before dawn every morning. This is not meant to be an episode guide, and in no way will it be complete or in order. Some days we might not feel like getting up, and some days we might not feel like writing. And if we don’t want to recap the sucky episodes with Tori in them, we don’t have to! So there.

2 Comments on “What is the SBTBP/AS?”

  1. Nick says:

    I just found this blog, and I’ve been readin it nonstop. I was so upset when I realized I had come to the last entry. I need more!

  2. Hey! We’re performing one of your posts in our next show. We can’t find an email address for you– please check out our website and get in touch! Thanks!


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